~ For your garments that require extra attention ~ 

Your order can be dropped off anytime between 6:00 am -10:00 pm in our handy DROP-BOX or to the SERVICE COUNTER during 'staff-hours' (see HOME page).

Orders that arrive before 11 am each weekday are processed and sent out that day.  Your order will be returned all ready to go within 3 business days and you will receive a call, email or text message advising you of this. 

Your clothes are uniquely identified and will remain secure until you pick them up when our service counter is open.

Dropping your order off is really easy.  Here's how:

Place your garments in a medium sized bag (grocery bag or slightly larger) and a note with your name, phone number and email address inside and drop them in to the Drop Box.

​We will take it from there.  You will be contacted (if you requested it) or if we have any concerns.  Otherwise you will receive notice when your order is ready!

For pricing click on the DRY-CLEAN PRICES tab or click here.​

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